TFSC Board Members

President - Michele Chonko | 201-851-4715 |

Executive Vice President - Open Position

VP Short Sided Play - Bob Fitzsimmons | 732-687-2955 |

VP Full Sided Play - Vito Migliazza | 732-778-8272 |

Treasurer - Kate Najdzinowicz | 908-307-2220 |

Registrar - Al Siracusa | 732-770-0327 |

MOSA Representative - Ruth Ann Ruhnke | 732-758-8986 |

Secretary - Kelly Jean Lomberk | 732-233-5259 |

VP of Player Development - Open Position

TFSC Coordinators and Administrators

Grounds Coordinator - Dave Stone (representing the U18 age bracket)

Website Administrator - John Theodore (representing the U14 age bracket)

Special Operations Coordinator - Open Position

Concession Coordinator - Kate Najdzinowicz (representing the U10 age bracket)

Referee and Field Coordinator - Open Position

A couple of quick notes about the tasks these coordinators/administrators are now charged with:

  • A coordinator/administrator is assigned by age bracket. They are charged with creating their own committee made of up team members in the club. The committees do not have to consist of coaches, as parents are also welcome to volunteer. The committee should consist of members in the same age bracket, but that is not mandatory.
  • Committees should meet once a month and report back to the Executive VP any issues, challenges or opportunities. These meetings can be held prior to the club meetings on the first Wednesday of the Month at Borough Hall.
  • Committees should be in place by the first club meeting in September 2015.
  • Please see the Bylaws for the responsibilities by Coordinator / Administrator. The responsibilities and procedures will be better documented by the committee. This will assist in seamless transition year over year.



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